What Is PowerUP Roulette?

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what is powerup roulettePowerUP Roulette is Pragmatic Play’s answer to several innovative live roulette games that have come out over the past couple of years. They have managed to create an exciting live experience that follows the traditional European formula with unique Pragmatic Play elements. The main feature of the game is their Power UP mechanic that allows for thrilling multipliers. Let us take a look at what is PowerUP Roulette, how their main Power UP feature works, and some useful strategies to keep in mind.

What Is PowerUP Roulette by Pragmatic Play

The base game of PowerUP Roulette by Pragmatic Play has remained unchanged compared to regular roulette. It is a standardized live roulette system streamed in a beautiful and vast Pragmatic Play studio. The wheel uses a European format and everything is processed through a coherent and well-designed interface.

You can place your bets on the betting table at the bottom of the screen. Simply select the size of your stake and choose your wager among the many numbers and colors. The most popular bets seem to be Straight Up bets due to the nature of the Power UP feature, but we will cover that later. You will have 15 seconds to place your bets before the round starts.

Players will be able to access all the standard roulette bets, as well as sector bets and a racetrack view. On the left side of your screen, you will be able to access some presets like the Orphelins or Fileiras. On the right side, you can use the chat box for instant live chat and you will also have a full record of your games.

Now let us take a look at the most important feature, the Power UPs.

How the Power UP Feature Works

What truly makes this game unique is the titular Power UP special round. It is essentially a multiplier feature that triggers through random numbers landing on the wheel. Let us cover it in detail.

  • After the betting round is over, 3 to 5 numbers are selected to be PowerUP round triggers. If the ball lands on one of these highlighted numbers, the PowerUP round is activated. You can see the determined Power UP numbers on the screen while the wheel spins.
  • When the PowerUP round starts, all numbers on the betting table are assigned multipliers. These multipliers range from 50x to 500x the player’s bet. The wheel will then spin again and if the wheel lands on a number you placed a bet on, you collect your reward with the appropriate multiplier. Note that you do not need to bet on a PowerUP round to participate in the bonus round. Each Straight Up bet can benefit from PowerUPs as long as they trigger.
  • During the PowerUP round, new numbers are chosen to trigger the bonus again. If the wheel lands on one of these numbers again the PowerUP round is retriggered and the multipliers on each number increase. This can chain up to 5 times in a row. The maximum potential multiplier is an incredible 8000x the stake.

This extra mechanic elevates the traditional game of roulette to a whole new level. Amazing payouts can be scored if you are lucky enough for the round to trigger and win. Not to mention the possibility of activating the PowerUP round multiple times in a row. Finally, if you bet on a PowerUP number by chance and the ball lands on it, your bet will win as usual and the bonus will then trigger. PowerUPs combine respins and multipliers quite well.


Pragmatic Play’s PowerUP Roulette uses the standard roulette paytable. The payouts follow the European variation and this is true for every type of bet except the Straight Up bet. This is because this type of bet is crucial to how the game works. As we mentioned, Straight Up bets are the only ones that can participate in the multiplier bonus round.

To compensate, the Straight Up bet win has been reduced. They pay 24:1 in PowerUP Roulette as opposed to the standard 35:1. That being said, the maximum win potential has been increased to 7,999:1 with the multipliers. The rest of the bets remain the same with the most popular alternative being the 1:1 paying red/black, even/odd, and high/low bets.

PowerUP Roulette Strategy

Starting off, the main strategy of playing PowerUP Roulette is focusing on the Straight Up bets which are needed for the bonus round. This is a higher volatility playstyle with an RTP of 97.19%. This is lower than the standard 97.30% RTP for all other types of bets as per the European-style wheel. Players who do not prefer always betting on single numbers can mix in red/black, even/odd, and high/low bets to balance their bankroll out.

On the other hand, players who enjoy high-stakes volatile gameplay can focus on covering the table with Straight Up bets. This will not only potentially score higher payouts, but will increase the chances you land a PowerUP round win. Furthermore, this can essentially grant you a double payout if you land a win on a PowerUP number before the bonus is triggered.

Where to Play

PowerUP Roulette by Pragmatic Play is an exciting new live release on the market. Besides the elegant live-streaming studio players can also enjoy amazing multipliers that can land during the bonus round. It certainly is a high-risk high-reward kind of game due to the focus on single-number bets. That being said, the 7,999:1 maximum payout potential is nothing to scoff at.

If you want to play Power UP Roulette for real money and test it out for yourself, you can do so at the 888 online casino.

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