What Is Oscar’s Grind Roulette Strategy and How to Make Use of It

Roulette players have been trying to beat the wheel since the 18th century. A plethora of strategies and systems have been devised with a single goal – to win big at this luck-based table game. From detecting the wheel’s anomalies to clocking the wheel and identifying hot and cold numbers, all these methods and techniques have been used in the hope that the element of luck will be minimised.

Those who don’t believe that physical properties of a Roulette wheel can work for them have opted for employing betting systems. They are designed to help players recover their losses and build their bankroll. You are familiar with positive and negative progression betting systems many players stick to. Oscar’s Grind is another betting system you can use when playing even-money bets at a Roulette table. Although it is called Oscar’s Grind Roulette strategy, we prefer the term “system” since it refers to the way bets are placed. That’s why we will use it in the rest of the text.

History of Oscar’s Grind System

Also known as Hoyle’s Press and the Pluscoup Progression, with the latter being used predominantly in German and French, Oscar’s Grind is another strategy suitable for even-money bets. It is considered an archetypal positive progression system, meaning that all other systems are based on it. Oscar’s Grind was documented for the first time in The Casino Gambler’s Guide, a 1965 book by Allan Wilson.

In his book, the author noted that he had given the system a name by the player he had interviewed. His name was Oscar while the term “grind” refers to the concept according to which wagers are kept low and small payouts are ground out day by day. Wilson described Oscar as a gambler who had been disciplined and meticulous, which had enabled him to make a living out of playing Roulette. Although it remains a mystery whether that was the real name of the player, the name used for such a betting system has remained Oscar’s Grind.

How Oscar’s Grind Roulette System Works?

As we have previously mentioned, this is a positive progressive betting system. It is based on periods of wins and losses and proposes keeping bets low when on a losing streak and raising them on a winning streak. Just like other progression betting systems, Oscar’s Grind is the most suitable when used on even-money bets such as Hi/Lo, Odd/Even or Red/Black.

The first thing you should do if you want to follow this betting strategy is to secure enough money to play the game without a pause. It works best at a European Roulette table where a house edge sits at 2.70%. The French version of the game is a good option as well due to the En Prison or La Partage rules that cut the house edge additionally.

The idea behind the Oscar’s Grind system is that you should start with a 1-unit bet and keep playing it until you lose and win immediately. Only when you fulfil these conditions, you should raise your stake to 2 units. So as long as you win or lose, you should keep your wager at 1 unit. If you have increased your bet and hit another win, you return to your original 1-unit wager. In case you are on a losing streak after you have increased the stake to 2 units and a win occurs, you increase your stake to 3 units until the next win when you return to 1 unit.

The Oscar’s Grind may seem like a very complicated system once you read how it works. The truth is that once you start using it, you can quickly get accustomed to making your wagers based on it. Until you master it entirely, you can write down the outcomes of rounds and how much you have wagered per spin.

Pros and Cons

The most significant advantage of using the Oscar’s Grind system would be keeping your stakes at 1 unit until you make a loss followed by a win instead of raising them after each win or loss. If you have studied other betting systems, you will easily notice that this one is the most bankroll-friendly betting systems out there.

As for cons, we have to admit that it takes time to keep track of wins and losses and the value of bets you have to place. Practice makes perfect, though. If you are interested in applying this Roulette betting system, try to use it while playing RNG-operated Roulette games, where you have more time to make a wager. If you join a Live Roulette table, you will have to wager real money, which is riskier while learning how to use the Oscar’s Grind.

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for ways to beat the wheel, you should stay aware of the fact that Roulette is a game of chance. The best thing you can do for you and your budget is to keep an eye on your bankroll. By placing low-value bets and increasing them only when it is a smart thing to do, you can make use of your bankroll to the fullest. Apply the Oscar’s Grind system as it enables you to raise your bets moderately, and if you get lucky, you can leave the wheel with cash in your pockets.

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