Evolution is back with an interesting innovation to the casino roulette world. Gold Bar Roulette is an online casino game with a live dealer that uses Evolution’s new gold bar system. This feature puts the choice of multipliers in the player’s hands quite literally.

This new Evolution live roulette was released on 15th July 2022. It is available on all devices and almost all your favor

Gold Bar Roulette Evolution

ite online casino websites that offer Evolution titles. In Gold Bar Roulette the player has a lot more options compared to other traditional roulette games.

The player’s decision-making will prove crucial for larger payouts. In this article, we shall be exploring the basic ruleset and additional Gold Bar Roullete strategy, so keep reading for more.

How to Play Gold Bar Roulette by Evolution?

Gold Bar Roulette by Evolution does not seek to rewrite the game, just to introduce more player freedom and roulette strategies. This is why this new live roulette has similar mechanics to the traditional game.

The objective when you play Gold Bar Roulette live is to guess the number on which the ball will land. You place one or more bets to cover the particular number or numbers that you want to predict. They range from 1 to 36 with an additional zero.

The bets you can place range from betting on a singular number with the highest payout (19:1). This is called a Straight Up bet. They continue to betting on more results, like betting on twelve or eighteen numbers. These two final options have the lowest payout, 2:1 or 1:1 respectively.

The option to place many different kinds of bets is what gives differentiates each game. Additionally, the gold bar is the finishing touch to the variations of the game. They are acquired by winning Straight Up bets. This feature drastically changes the winning outcomes of the traditional roulette experience.

How do Gold Bars Work?

Gold bars in the game serve as 88x multipliers to your payout. Once you have a gold bar you can place it on your Straight Up bets or even stack them to increase the multiplier. Once you place your wagers and win a Straight Up with a gold bar on it, you receive your 19:1 reward multiplied by the 88x gold bar multiplier.

For example, let us say you place your bet and two gold bars on the number 7. If 7 is rolled, you win your original Straith Up bet multiplied by the gold bar value you placed (2) times 88x for a final 176x multiplier. This game has some crazy winning potential depending on the number of gold bars you wager.

Furthermore, they cannot be purchased, they can only be won through Straight Up bets as we mentioned earlier. Your gold bar balance is displayed at all items on the gaming screen. The amount of gold bars you can win each round is random. This is determined through the safe mechanic. The safe is opened every round after betting time expires and the dealer spins the ball on the roulette wheel. By opening the safe, the dealer reveals the number of gold bars that can be won this round.

You do not have to use your gold bars right away. You can save them for up to 180 days, after which they expire.

Gold Bar Roulette Strategy

Continuing on, we have a small Gold Bar Roulette guide. For a general player stategy it is first important to mention Gold Bar Roulette’s RTP of 97.30%. This matches the standardized European roulette RTP due to the similar design of the wheel. However, things get slightly more unpredictable when Straith Up bets and gold bars come into play. With those wild x88, x176, x264x, etc. multipliers the game’s outcomes can inspire the player for a more high-risk high-reward playstyle.

Consequently, it is crucial to acquire gold bars for a good Gold Bar Roulette strategy.

  1. Acquiring Gold Bars – Starting off, covering all bet spots for potential independent Straight Up wins will get you your starting gold bars. The cost is our opening 16 units for betting as we are betting on all 36 spots and getting 20 in return.
  2. Building your Gold Bar stash – Then, you can either wager that starting gold bar or you can wait to acquire more. A general useful tip is to build a small amount of them before you start using them. This is due to the stacking option allowing for drastic multipliers on your wagers. You can acquire more by betting on half the board for a 50% chance of winning. Alternatively going for a 33% chance by betting on every third number is also a viable option.
  3. Spending Gold Bars – Finally, you can utilize gold bars through popular roulette strategies. Keep in mind that you should choose strategies that use or focus on Straith Up wins as the gold bar multiplier can only be cashed in on those types of bets. Whatever your betting pattern, place gold bars on Straight Up wagers sparingly. Since this is the main resource of Gold Bar Roulette, you should always try to keep them in supply.

Where to Play Gold Bar Roulette

Evolution Gold Bar Roulette is an excellent innovation to introduce more strategy and options for the player. With its above-average 97.30% RTP (97.10% with Straith Up bets) and options for drastically high winnings using the gold bar, it is a worthwhile experience to invest in. Players can now choose when to go all in for thrilling multipliers, instead of depending on traditional roulette stakes.

If you are interested in trying Gold Bar Roullete for real money, check out the 888 online casino! It is available on all your devices so you can relax while playing it on your computer or use your phone or tablet while you are on the go.