Triple Zero Roulette: Think Twice About It

When it comes to gambling, no matter how an online casino market progressive may be, every now and then a novelty emerges.  And it happens in the casino capital of the world – Las Vegas. Yet, not all the novelties are good for you. In this article, we will cover the latest innovation available at Roulette tables in Vegas. Stay with us to learn more about Triple Zero Roulette and why you should be extra cautious if you want to join this table.

Triple Zero Roulette Basics

Introduced in 2018 in a couple of Vegas-based casinos, this version of Roulette features, just like its name suggests three zero pockets. Instead of two zeros, 0 and 00, which are featured in the classic American version of the game, Triple Zero Roulette features 0, 00 and 000. So, with all those zeroes, this game variant has 39 spaces on the wheel. It is two more than in European or French Roulette and one more than in its American counterpart.

At this moment, Triple Zero Roulette is available only in some Vegas brick-and-mortar casinos. Gameplay-wise, it does not differ from other Roulette variations. The game starts with players placing their bets trying to predict which number the ball will land on. The croupier releases the ball, and the outcome of a round is determined. As simple as that. However, there are other things you should consider if you want to give Triple Zero Roulette a shot.

Betting Options and Payouts

Just like the gameplay itself, betting options and payouts in Triple Zero Roulette do not differ from other versions of the game you have already played. All the standard inside and outside bets are available, and you can play as many of them as you like. To attract players, the casinos set lower betting limits than those supported at popular Roulette tables. Is it enough to say yes to the variant with triple zeros? Let’s find out.

When it comes to payouts, they remained unaltered. You will win 35:1 on a Straight up bet, 17:1 on a Split bet and 11:1 if you opt for a Street bet. Corner bets can earn you an 8:1 payout; Double Street bets 5:1 while Columns and Dozens can earn you 2:1. Finally, all even-money bets pay as usual. There are no bonus features like multipliers or side bets that can help you win more than that.

What’s Wrong with Triple Zero Roulette?

Now that you know how Triple Zero Roulette works, you can start guessing yourself what’s wrong with this game. Yet, we will write it down for all our readers to learn why they should stay away from it. It is all about the house edge, which increases with every zero added to the wheel. So, European Roulette comes with a house edge of 2.7%, the American version of the game has a 5.26% house edge while the game featuring three zeros has a house margin of no less than 7.69%! The higher the house edge, the less money for you and the more money for the house, that is.

To put it simply, with European Roulette, on a $100 wager, a theoretical return to a player is $97.3. As for the American version of the game, on a $100 bet, an RTP is $94.74. Now, a $100 bet at Triple Zero Roulette can pay back theoretically only $92.31. As you know, an RTP does not represent actual money you will earn while playing a particular game but signals whether the game should be played or not. In this case, such a low RTP is a red flag that should warn you not to play Triple Zero Roulette.

Is There Anything Good About It?

Actually, there is one good thing about Triple Zero Roulette. It is the fact that it has not arrived in online casinos yet. And we hope it won’t. On online gambling sites, you can already choose from a plethora of game variants that will provide you with plenty of excitement. Not all of them are good for you, but at least they won’t steal your hard-earned money.

It is obvious that Vegas-based casinos count on visitors’ lack of proper education about casino games. Just like with 6:5 Blackjack that can be played exclusively at neon-bathed gambling halls on the Vegas Strip, Triple Zero Roulette is designed to take advantage of visitors quickly. Don’t let neon lights blind you if you visit the world’s gambling capital and stick to the European version of the game no matter how enticing others may seem.

Closing Thoughts

To wrap it up, Triple Zero Roulette is a casino game with one single feature that makes it totally unfavourable to the player. By adding the third zero pocket to the wheel, its inventor has increased the house edge to a rate that should alarm you not to join the table at all costs.

When choosing a casino game to play, it all comes down to the house edge. As for Roulette, it is an easy thing to do now that you know how each of the most popular game variants pays back in theory.

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