Roulette Systems Casinos Try to Ban

Let’s be frank, casinos love losers more than winners. When playing Roulette, you know that you win some, you lose some, but what if you play this game so good that you attract the attention of the casino’s pit boss or security? The truth is that you can end up banned from joining any of the tables as your Roulette system is perceived as too dangerous for the casino.

This article deal with systems that work at land-based and partially at online live casinos as they are based on Roulette physics. If you use these systems, you can get an advantage over the casino, yet you have to be cautious while using them for obvious reasons. Stay with us to learn more about Roulette systems casinos try to ban and how to make the most of using them.

Using Roulette Computers

While they are not illegal, Roulette computers are not allowed in most online casinos and by using them you can secure banning from the casino. These are practically hidden devices that can tell next winning numbers based on the speed of the ball and the wheel. We have already written about Roulette prediction software and the way it works, so you can read it too and learn more about using it.

If you use these devices correctly, you can play without being detected and beat the wheel successfully. You can learn to use a Roulette computer without difficulties and it can increase your edge over the casino by over 100%, which makes it the most effective Roulette method. On the other hand, if you get caught while using it, you will be banned from further playing in most casinos.

Recognising Dealer Signature

This system is based on observing the way the dealer releases the ball and the ball lands on the wheel. After observing what happens at the wheel for some time, you will be able to determine a pattern also known as the dealer signature that can help you predict where the ball will land in the next spins of the wheel. However, to use this system, you have to find a suitable dealer and wheel with the ball hitting some diamonds (metal deflectors) more often than others. The wheel needs to spin at the same speed for this system to be effective.

Although this system can be used without much difficulty once you find the right dealer and wheel, it is not as effective as some other systems and can be time-consuming. What’s more, casinos change dealers every 20 to 30 minutes aware of the fact that Roulette players can take advantage of the dealer signature.

Predicting Winning Numbers Using Eyesight

Predict winning numbers using eyesight, also known as visual ballistics, is another system you can apply at a Roulette table. It is based on observing the wheel and ball, much like the dealer signature. The difference is in the fact that with this system the winning number can be predicted when only a few spins of the ball remain.

You can find numerous videos on the Internet showing how this system can be implemented. The advantage of using it is that you need less than 100 spins to evaluate a Roulette wheel. However, it is less effective than other systems and you can apply it only at tables where late bets are accepted. Keep in mind that the casino staff easily recognise players who use this system.

Making Use of Wheel Imperfections

Roulette wheels are not perfect and players can make use of their imperfections to predict winning numbers. Finding so-called biased wheels is not an easy thing to do, especially when you know that casinos replace them as soon as they reveal that they can be taken advantage of. However, if you manage to spot bias before the casino removes it, you can make some money by placing bets on the numbers the ball hits more frequently.

However, you should bear in mind that this system takes some time as you have to observe the wheel during hundreds of rounds. Such behaviour can make you easily noticed by the casino staff and banned from further playing.


Banning Roulette players from casinos is not a myth and examples of players being banned for winning regularly can be found all over the web. You don’t even have to use any of the systems listed above to be treated that way as casinos don’t like winners who beat the wheels all the time. And they don’t even need to explain why they have banned you.

Knowing this, you can easily conclude that it is of the uttermost importance to be modest and win moderately while playing Roulette. Whether you apply a system based on wheel physics or any of the strategies based on betting options, remember that playing Roulette should be fun. Manage your bankroll and apply these 7 tips to make the most of your stay at the casino.