Roulette Strategy: Frequent Mistakes to Avoid

Things you should avoid when playing Roulette online.

A much loved casino game involving only a spinning wheel and a small ball we all know as roulette has a rich history, and most recently it has continued with its popularity through online casinos. Thanks to the power of the internet and magnificent skills of game software developers, classic variations of roulette have been complemented with their virtual variants, each better looking and boasting a better performance than the other. To top it all, a lot of new versions emerged as well, with new side bets and new takes on the rules and conditions of the traditional game. Brand new or classic, roulette games still attract a massive number of players. However, these players tend to make a few mistakes when approaching the game and thus leaving the season with a sour taste in their mouths. We’ll be clear right from the start, a game of roulette is a game of pure chance and there isn’t hasn’t been a strategy invented so far to defeat that fact. Nevertheless, a player can always adjust some loose ends and tighten up his play so as to enjoy a maximum experience from a roulette session. Here’s what casino visitors often do wrong when playing a roulette game online.


Not Establishing a Bankroll

You don’t just fin a casino webpage, load a roulette game and start spinning the wheel. There needs to be some foreplay involved if you want positive outcomes or as positive as possible. And you do, of course you do. So, what is absolutely necessary is to determine the limits of your casino bankroll. This is the best advice you could ever get for playing roulette, and not just for playing roulette. This is basic economics. Open an isolated account, transfer as much you think is enough for you to feel at ease while playing, and make those funds at your disposal, but those funds only, without any detours. For online roulette games, it seems quite opportune to have an e-wallet account for storing funds.  Be realistic and only play inside the frame of what you can actually afford. This will bring you the most pleasure out of gambling.

Not Being in Control of Your Bankroll

Once you’ve set up your budget, the next thing to do, and many people behave recklessly about this, is to stick to it. Never ever, for whatever reason, go over your planned budget. People usually think one more spin won’t hurt, or one more bet won’t do much damage but it will break your strong will and make you grasp for straws, and we don’t want that. Take pride in your good bankroll management system, as you’ve surely worked hard to establish it, and don’t put yourself through potentially dangerous situations.

Gamble When You Don’t Know the Game

How foolish and pretentious is that? You should never start gambling because you’ve seen someone play roulette in a movie and win a fortune without any knowledge of the game’s structure and complex subtleties of a wheel spin. It’s a common mistake. People are obviously overconfident to bet real money on a game they don’t fully or at all understand. Read about it, educate yourself and learn from other people’s experiences. It should give you a head start.

Not Trying Out Free Mode First

This relates directly to our previous section. If you’re new to online roulette don’t jump in the pool without checking if the water is hot or cold. Do test rides. In the era of internet, you can – so make use of it. Many websites offer free roulette that you can play with pretend money and practice for as long as you need before you engage in real money wagers. Online roulette tables in free mode should give you necessary training and prevent wasting your money at the beginning. One hour of free roulette could really do a lot of difference.

Wrongfully Choosing American Roulette

This one is very interesting. Despite usually having a decent choice of roulette variants including French Roulette and European Roulette at online casinos, somehow players associate American version with the high-life of Las Vegas or whatever and pick that one which is a big mistake profit-wise. Ignorant players may not know that American-style roulette game features an additional double zero slot, as opposed to the European version where you only have one zero. This gives the house more advantage; regardless of any potential bonuses you may face playing with 38 slots. You will never play with the best possible odds of winning if you opt for American Roulette.

Wagering Errors

The popular belief that if you place multiple combinations bets at the same time you therefore have bigger chances of winning is false. People often make the mistake to make multiple wagers on one spin, thinking that won’t matter of one of them fails, surely some will result in a win. It is a bad idea, because of two things. First, the house edge stays the same, it doesn’t alter due to the fact that you’ve placed multiple wagers – it applies on each of them.  It’s almost like two simultaneous bets cancel each other out. The other obvious reason is the reduction of your bankroll, too fast to do anything about it. Imagine if all multiple bets you’ve so confidently placed end up being loosing combinations? It would surely annihilate a bigger portion of your budget.