Roulette Secrets Casino Doesn’t Want You to Know

From the “dawn of time” Roulette has been known as a true game of chance, a spin of fortune that cannot be affected nor curved by anything else but fate and luck. The Wheel will spin and the time will stop until the Ball hits the pocket and that’s all there is to it –  at least that’s what the casino will have us believe. The laws of physics, however, have other plans. Chance and fortune does not concern the science and there is no room for random occurrences in a discipline that studies matter, motion, force and energy – main components, which, brought together, produce what is mistakenly considered to be Roulette randomness.

Scientific principles aside, there are a few others facts about Roulette that a casino eagerly pushes under the rug. These, although linked with the laws of probability, require no more than common sense and a blind eye to the payout odds which the house is trying to dazzle you with.

Having this in mind, you may as well forget everything that you thought you knew about Roulette and make room for a few secrets that casino operators do not want you to find out.

Random or Predictable?

If you are an amateur Roulette player, you would be surprised by the number of gamblers who are dismissing the casino’s assurances of the Wheels random behaviour. Some people will go as far as claiming that with a proper technique, the outcome of every spin can be accurately predicted. Sounds too good to be true, right?

As skeptical as you may feel right now, there are two factors that are actually adding credibility to the idea:

  • Dominant Diamonds
  • Wear and Tear of the track

Observing Roulette Wheel more carefully, you will instantly notice tiny metal parts – these are called Diamonds and you have probably seen how the Ball bounces against them more times than you could possibly count. The theory of Dominant Diamonds rests on the assumption that the Ball is more drawn to some metal parts more than others and will, therefore, hit them more often. Your job is to figure out which Diamonds will have that “magnetic” power over the Ball.

Determining the position of the relevant Diamond is only the beginning. Hitting the Diamond will naturally make the Ball bounce and scatter away towards a certain pocket; players will then need to use the information gathered over multiple spinning sessions to predict what the landing position of the Ball will be, depending on the location of the relevant Diamond, the number of bounces and the direction that the Ball took.

Another thing that the casino is desperately trying to hide is the fact that there is no such thing as perfectly levelled Wheel, smooth track or a dealer that does leave their signature.

Even brand new Roulette Wheels come with tiny fractures on the surface which are inevitable due to the manufacturing process. Even the finest of cracks and imperfections can affect the path of the Ball and change its direction. Over time, the Roulette track will tear even more, further affecting the journey of the Ball.

Players who take the above-described factors into consideration will not separate them from a little something called The Dealer Signature. This phrase refers to the speed and consistency that the Dealer employs when spinning the Wheel – a lot of players tend to move around the casino and observe the dealers until they find just the right one, whose speed will be consistent enough to allow for a more precise estimation of the Ball’s resting position.

Last but not least is how the Wheel is positioned. It is next to impossible to find a perfectly flat surface for the Wheel. Literally, every ground will be angled to a certain degree, which obviously impacts the Ball as well. Even if you would somehow manage to position the Wheel at the ideal angle, the shaft that supports the Wheel rotor gradually bends through usage, adding yet another factor that eliminates the fate in the casino’s claim of the Roulette unpredictability.

First among equals

The casino’s job is to entice you with the higher payout rates, that can come even with the betting options which are considered to be on the safe side. In reality, the higher the casino is willing to pay, the lower are your chances of actually winning the bet. This is precisely why most of the players stick to the outside bets and pretty much ignore all other options.

The players can statistically improve their chances even among the safe betting area, by simply placing the two dozen bet, which, as the name explains, covers the group of 24 numbers, giving the player 33% of winning.

Betting strategies will not actually do anything

Well, at least not when Roulette is concerned. Both online casinos and land-based casinos have been popularizing a lot of different betting strategies, and although these may prove useful in terms of developing organizational and money managing skill, most of them are useless when it comes to Roulette. Reason? The principle of progression that these strategies employ is shattered by the Roulette table limits which will prevent you from recovering your balance in a single spin. A fun trivia that a casino would rather keep hidden from you.

What does work is consistency and placing moderate bets – high enough to keep you motivated and reasonable enough to bear the losing streak with dignity.