Roulette Physics – What Are Best Numbers to Play

No matter how aware of the fact that Roulette is a game of pure chance, players are persistent in trying to master playing the game and make the wheel work for them. There are numerous strategies that can be applied and some of them can really work in your favour. One of the most common questions is what the best numbers to play are and here we will try to help you make a choice.

What You Should Know Before Placing Bets

If you have ever played Roulette, you are familiar with the fact that there is a variety of Roulette games. The most popular variations of the game are European and American and they are a part of a standard online casino offer. The main difference between these two is in the number of pockets, which makes the European version of the game more popular as it has 37 pockets. The American version of the game has one more which decreases the odds of winning and gives the house the advantage.

Land-based and live Roulette games involve physics as the wheels are operated by real croupiers. When is comes to online Roulette, the outcome of each spin is determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG). In reputable online casinos the RNG is tested on a regular basis if it works properly and ensures random results. The role of the RNG is to generate only one winning number on each spin. Although it is impossible to find out patterns the RNG uses, the ball happens to stop on certain numbers more frequently then on others.

Hot and Cold Numbers

The concept of Hot and Cold Numbers appeared over the years as a result of Roulette players’ and experts’ attempts to decrease the house edge and beat the casino. There is no exact array of Hot numbers we can talk about. Instead, Hot numbers are considered those numbers which appeared more frequently in the recent spins. Opposite to them are Cold numbers you should avoid placing bets on.

Some online casinos offer Roulette games in which Hot and Cold numbers are indicated. This feature allows players to keep track of statistics and offers hints which show numbers that appear more often. If a number wins 20 times or more in 300 spins, it is considered very Hot. Some players place their bets on Cold numbers as it can be expected that Hot numbers will stop coming eventually.

As we have already mentioned, Roulette is a game of pure chance and it is not advisable to stick to the concept of Hot and Cold numbers. No one can tell you precisely on which numbers you should place your bets on. What’s more, during a period of time Cold numbers can turn into Hot numbers and vice versa.

Five Numbers Bets

Five Numbers Bets or Neighbor Bets are one of the common tactics Roulette players practice. They include placing bets on one number and its 4 neighboring numbers, two on the left and two on the right side on the wheel. These bets are typically offered by European Roulette games and the numbers one should place their bets on are not specified as long as they place their bets on five adjacent numbers. Neighbor bets also include bets on sections. You can read more about such bets  in a separate article with all the useful information provided.

Whichever bet that you opt for, you must avoid sticking to one or several numbers as this is one of the most common mistakes about Roulette. When playing Roulette there is no such thing as “lucky” numbers you should hang on persistently, as you may lose your entire bankroll if you keep on wagering on a single number. Although there is a chance that your number will win, you may lose as well.

What Numbers to Bet on

The only exception when it comes to Roulette bets are the bets on certain areas of the wheel. Doing so, one can try to increase the odds of winning by increasing the accuracy of predictions. What’s that supposed to mean? Well, it is clear that you cannot predict which number will win on each spin. However, you can predict on which section of the wheel the ball will fall, so it is always better placing bets on the certain areas of the wheel.

When we talk about land-based or live Roulette games, there are numerous factors that can affect physics of the Roulette wheel. Online Roulette operated by the RNG cannot be affected by such physical factors, so one may ask a question is it possible to beat online Roulette at all? The truth is that the odds will remain the same no matter which strategy or tactic you use, so you win some, you lose some. With online Roulette there is no physics, just the RNG determining the sequences of numbers. The ball and the wheel are just part of graphics and there is no actual spinning.

The best odds of winning are for Black/Red, Low/Highs and Evens/Odds bets. However, these bets deliver lowest payouts as there is not much risk involved, so you can win 1:1. That means that over your original bet, you will get one chip, which is quite disappointing. What you can do is to stick to European Roulette as the house edge is 2.7% whereas American Roulette house edge is over 5%. Play responsibly and keep in mind that all the results are completely random, so no one can tell you which numbers to play on. The title of this article might seem as a clickbait headline, but we hope that we have showed you that you should not believe in misconceptions which can leave you broke in the long run.