Roulette Casino Bonuses: How to Find Them

Roulette is one of the oldest games of chance and a game of choice for millions of casino players. It’s a classic, a form of timeless entertainment; there isn’t a game quite like it. Despite roulette being such a fulfilling gambling game, players are constantly on the lookout for extra funds to invest in it, to prolong the experience and enhance their bankroll, as well as seize the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. In other words, roulette bonuses are something roulette lovers are craving for. As we all know, bonuses for roulette games aren’t as common as bonuses on slot machines. This is the situation at the online gambling market right now – slots are under the spotlight and online casinos generate the most profit from these games, which motivates them to attract more slot players with all kinds of incentives, free spins and match deposit bonuses. It’s a tricky mission, to find an online casino that will offer you some sort of a bonus just to play roulette at the website.

Why Are Roulette Casino Bonuses Rare?

Someone who doesn’t really know how casinos work might think that roulette bonuses should be just as frequent as slot bonuses. But, in reality, casino operators have it all figured out. The thing with roulette games is that the house edge is not big enough to allow the casino to spare extra funds and award players with cash prizes to be used on the spinning wheel. Still, there are casino brands that don’t like to ignore some of their sections and give bonuses only for slots. Certain casino sites will offer match deposit bonuses for roulette play, but they are, indeed, rare. It’s more likely to claim a welcome bonus that can be used across the casino lobby and then spend it on roulette, and that’s what people do most of the time. One of the reasons why players love roulette so much is because it is a low-risk game, and as such it doesn’t leave much room for additional perks.

Types of Roulette Bonuses

When you play slots, there are so many bonuses you can count on. When it comes to roulette, the situation is a bit different. For one, you can count on the welcome bonus that can be used on roulette, among other games. This bonus needs to be a match deposit bonus and not a free spins bonus, because free spins are only used on slots, and on particular slots chosen by the casino upfront. The welcome bonus usually covers the entirety of one’s first deposit, it matches it 100%. So, whatever amount you decide to deposit, you’ll have double to money to play with if you claim the welcome bonus. Now, the important thing with welcome bonuses is to always read the wagering requirements and other bonus conditions carefully. It often happens that players who intend to use the bonus on roulette can have hard time liberating the bonus funds as roulette games contribute very little to the wagering requirements.

On the other hand, there are promotions that sometimes include roulette games, and these are the ones you should pay special attention to. Casinos will occasionally set up promo campaigns on a daily or weekly basis with bonus codes. If you use the proper bonus code and make a deposit when required you can get a cash bonus to play just on roulette, or even maybe live roulette. It has been a trend lately to promote cash draw campaigns that include slots, but some casinos make them all about roulette. If you play roulette and wager a certain amount of money, or play certain wagers, you can get on top of the leaderboard and win valuable prizes, not just cash – also event tickets, cars, appliances and the like.

Becoming a loyal customer at a casino venue also improves your chances of winning a thrilling roulette bonus at some point. Promotions are bigger and better in the loyalty program, and you never know what the VIP team is preparing for their next surprise bonus.

Looking For Roulette Bonuses

Most of the bonuses we’ve described in the previous section can be found by conducting a web search, but some can only be found at specialized websites that promote casino bonuses and publish new offers as soon as they are launched. They work like filters and focused search engines that only show active casino promotions and you can see right away which casino is hosting the promo, as well as what are the main features of the bonus – the prize amount, wagering requirements, roulette tables included and so on.

Even if you can’t see all the details, the site will usually provide a direct link to the casino that’s offering the roulette bonus to save you the trouble of typing its name into the browser. This is probably the fastest way to find ongoing roulette casino bonuses on the web. Some of these sites have the option of enabling notifications. Every time a new roulette bonus is launched, you could get a notification email and stay up to date with all the attractive promotions. Another way to actively keep track of all the roulette-related compensations is to follow casinos that have strong roulette offers on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) or sign up for their newsletter. Just remember, always read the terms and conditions, and only claim fair offers to fully enjoy your game of roulette.