Playtech Quantum Roulette: Review & How to Play?

Playtech Quantom Roulette live dealer gamePlaytech is one of the leading brands in the online gambling industry, but it hasn’t been synonymous with innovation, strictly speaking. Yes, the company has been following trends in the business and responding very well to the needs of its customers, but it is of late that we have seen projects that are showing a notable amount of creativity and innovation from the famed casino software developer.

The Quantum series they’ve launched give out an impression of the company going it a fresh direction and we’re glad to see it. On the other hand, we can’t help but notice that they’ve drawn inspiration from a product previously launched by Evolution Gaming. Lightning Roulette was clearly something Playtech developers had in mind when they created Quantum Roulette with live dealers and some argue this particular roulette variation is somewhat of an answer to the Evolution’s popular game. Nonetheless, Quantum Roulette adds a healthy amount of spice to the game and a little extra edge for those who love roulette and seek out the best and most creative live casino games around.

Live Quantum Roulette from Playtech was released in September 2019, announcing a new era for the provider, one more prone to experimenting and trying out new, creative formats. The Quantum Series Live also includes Quantum Blackjack and Quantum Ruleta was also launched at selected casinos for Spanish-speaking players exclusively.

Introduction to Quantum Roulette

Firstly, let’s take a look at the name. The noun “quantum” is a term borrowed from physics, and according to the Cambridge Dictionary it is defined as “the smallest amount or unit of something, especially energy”. You can be sure that the smallest something or other does not refer to the wins in this game, since it is packed with multipliers and special Quantum Boosts. The name is more of a shout-out to the studio décor, as the room features neon lights and resembles some sort of a scientific lab where great things happen.

The dealers are always elegantly dressed and well-prepared to present the game, very knowledgeable and eager to interact with the players. There is a difference between standard live dealer roulette games and Quantum Roulette in the fact that dealers do not handle the wheel. For this game, Playtech uses its Cammargh automated slingshot roulette wheel, assumingly to avoid bias. Therefore, you will see the dealer walking across the studio holding a microphone, commenting on the current events in the round. So, the croupier, in this case, plays the role of a host and his or her job is to announce the round outcome and keep the participants engaged throughout the session. Of course, this is facilitated by the live chat option integrated into the game interface.

What you need to know before you start playing: Quantum Roulette is a single-zero roulette game that awards multipliers on straight-up bets and also includes Quantum Boost events that increase the value of the awarded multipliers even further.

How to Play

Quantum Roulette is, essentially, a European roulette game. You probably could deduce that by yourself, considering the single-zero we’ve mentioned earlier. The wheel has only one zero, and so does the betting layout. This means that the house edge stands at 2.70%, which is good news.

The round starts once all the interested players have joined the table (there is no limit to the number of players allowed to join) and the dealer will greet them and invite them to place their bets during the betting window. The betting layout is digital and presented at the bottom of the screen. Quantum Roulette also features the racetrack table which isn’t visible by default. Instead, you can toggle between the two depending on whether you wish to place regular bets or the so-called French bets.

The game supports all the standard roulette bets, from straight-up wagers on individual numbers to the combinations of numbers that cover various sections of the wheel/betting table. Once the bets are placed, the RNG element of the game comes onto the scene. Up to five randomly selected numbers will be shown on the display behind the dealer with flashy effects. These numbers are preselected for the multiplier. The multipliers range from 50x up to 500x.

The wheel will automatically spin, and while in motion, Quantum Boost can randomly add another 50x multiplier to a number and the Quantum Leap may double or triple this multiplier, but the upper limit is always 500x. It is important to remember that the multipliers are only applied to single-number bets. If there is no multiplier attached to the winning number, a straight-up bet will pay 29:1 instead of the usual 35:1 odds. In terms of statistics, Quantum Roulette shows the results of the previous 12 wheel spins, which is significantly lower than most games tend to show.

Final Thoughts

In terms of appearance, Quantum Roulette surely looks stunning. Players who like this type of visual stimulus as they play can appreciate the effort Playtech has put into the studio design. The game also provides a social and fun experience with engaging hosts and an active chat thread. One can also benefit from the low house edge, considering the nature of the European-style game.

Through the multipliers, players have a new goal to pursue – that big multiplier jackpot. By applying certain strategies – such as bet on all numbers – players with above-average bankrolls will always achieve the number win, which is a requirement for the multiplier to come into effect. If you are looking for an alternative for Lightning Roulette, this is it, no question about it.