Online vs Live Roulette

From an introvert’s perspective, any successful avoidance of human interaction is a cause for celebration, especially if that time can be spent doing something you actually enjoy. With online casinos, the dream of keeping away from any form of social engagement has finally become a reality and enabled many to enjoy Roulette wheel induced adrenaline without suffering from the awkwardness and anxiety caused by socialization. However, even if you have sworn off human company, every now and then you are bound to miss the hustle and bustle of the gathering places and the Roulette table tumult. Should that be the case, you can always step inside an actual casino and share the excitement with other guests without actually putting yourself on the line and leaving your comfort zone. If you are still not certain which way to go, read on to learn about advantages of both options – automated Online Roulette or Live Roulette with an actual host and real money play.

Authenticity vs Anonymity

Although you are not necessarily sacrificing your anonymity when playing at live casino tables, an online version definitely does grant you the desired amount of solitude and privacy, enabling you to focus on the wheel and the gameplay. The layout is simple and straightforward, without the turmoil that the live stream roulette table possesses, allowing the player to even turn off the sounds and drown out the background casino noise, shifting the energy towards the actual game and escaping the reality. Online Roulette is simply perfect if you just want to play and completely eliminate any outside world distractions.

On the other hand, the activity of the actual players, noises of the brick and mortar casinos and the opportunity to observe other people’s strategies and table action is something that you simply cannot do when playing Online Roulette. Not only does the Live Roulette enables the player to bet real money and breath in the real casino atmosphere without leaving their front doors, it also allows the participants to share experiences and communicate with the croupier in real time.

Free vs Real Money Play

Unlike Live Roulette tables which are only available to the players with registered accounts and real money deposits/bets, Online Roulette can be played in test mode, allowing the user to launch the game and give it a spin without committing to a particular casino or placing any real money wagers. This is a great opportunity to brush up on the basic rules, bet types and check out the theoretical return to player, before you decide to switch to the real money play.

Sadly, the same opportunity is not always granted with Live Roulette, although there are casinos that give limited access to their live studios and land based casinos. In some cases, a registered casino user can join a Live Roulette table and watch how the game progresses or review the game history and statistics – an extremely useful perk if you are still in the process of forming a decision about your betting limits and strategy. After a certain amount of time, the live stream will be interrupted (unless a real money wager is placed), however, you can always re-launch it and continue to observe the live gameplay until you reach your decision.

Increased Controls and Functionality of Online Casino

One thing that you cannot influence in the Live Roulette game is the speed and dynamics of the gameplay. The time for placing the bets is pre-determined and there is not much you can do to speed things up: having placed your bets, you have no alternative but to wait for the countdown. In video Online Roulette, the dynamics can be directly influenced through the game commands, enabling you to speed up the entire process by clicking on the Quick Spin. One can also spin the wheel immediately after it stops  – there are no other participants you will need to wait for and the course of the game is adjusted to your own preferences.

The autoplay feature can additionally speed up the game, as many Online Roulette games offer the option of pre-selecting the number of auto spins. The feature usually comes with the advanced settings, where you can adjust the extra rules and decide when the auto spins will cease. All of this is of course not an option when playing at Live Roulette tables and the flow of the game is subject to its natural course.

Sometimes, the appearance of the table can also be changed to suit the player’s taste in Online Roulette and even though this is not a possibility in the Live variant, the players can still switch between the view modes in Live Roulette and opt for either the actual Roulette table or go for the virtual table and wheel layout.

Final Words

Ultimately, deciding between the Live and the Online Roulette version will be determined by what one would like to get out of it. If you are after the complete and authentic experience, with all that a land based casino entails – the crowd, the noise, the risk and the adrenaline, Live Roulette will definitely give you all that and much more. However, if you just need some nice and quiet game time, where the emphasis is on the Roulette itself, Online Roulette is the way to go. Sometimes, the choice can be made for you by your own budget limitations – as a rule, Online Roulette has far more favourable starter bets, and even though Live Roulette can start with a rather low minimum bet, Online Roulette is traditionally more inclined to the players with limited funds.