Online Roulette and Advantage Play: Is It Possible?

Players have been trying to find ways to beat casino games ever since. When it comes to luck-based games, it is not an easy task to come up with a strategy that can help you become a more successful player. Yet, there is a concept called advantage play, which as its name suggests help players gain leverage over the casino. It refers to a set of methods gamblers can make use of to increase their odds.

However, advantage play should not be mixed up with cheating, yet it is something casinos frown upon. These methods can be applied to different casino games such as Blackjack and Poker. The good news is that there is a set of practices and systems players can use at Roulette tables as well. In this article, we will discuss if it is possible to use advantage play at online Roulette.

Dealer Signature

A Roulette dealer signature refers to the way the dealer releases the ball. By identifying a dealer signature, players can predict where the ball will stop on the wheel and take advantage of it. This method can be exploited at physical tables operated by real-life dealers, which makes it useless when you play RNG Roulette games.

It takes time to identify a dealer signature, though. To take advantage of the dealer’s tendency to release the ball in the same way, one has to pay attention to position where the dealer typically releases the ball from and how fast it spins around the wheel. Since most wheels use the standardised layout, you should detect the point the ball is released from. Notice how far or close it is from the zero pocket which comes in the green colour.

To exploit this method, you need to be ready to watch closely 100 or more spins. By doing so, you should identify a gap between the place the ball is released from and the number it lands on. Count how many positions on the wheel the release and landing point are far from one another on average and place your bet based on it.

Wheel Bias

Roulette is all about physics when played with physical equipment, of course. Although today casinos use software that can analyse whether there are certain anomalies, some wheels still can have defects that can affect the gameplay. Any abnormality of the wheel is called a wheel bias and players who can detect it can gain leverage over the casino. Biased wheels typically make the ball spin in a certain way and land in certain positions.

There are different types of a wheel bias, including the so-called pocket bias with the ball favouring one of the pockets and the section bias where the ball lands in particular sectors. There is also a dynamic bias, which occurs for a short period of time within which the ball tends to hit a specific number or section.

A wheel bias can be a consequence of different anomalies such as loose frets between pockets or scratches on the pocket surface as well as different pocket sizes. There can also be anomalies in the wheel itself, making it spin in a certain way or the ball can be of poor quality or deformed. To identify whether the wheel is biased, you have to analyse a long series of spins, just like with a dealer signature.

Dominant Diamonds

Diamonds are metal parts on the wheel placed in different areas. Their role is to disrupt the movement of the ball, and those that the ball hits more frequently are called dominant diamonds. Typically, there are two diamonds that the ball hits more often than others. This phenomenon is related to the previous two chapters as some of the main factors that can give dominant diamonds are wheel angle and other anomalies as well as a dealer signature.

Once you detect dominant diamonds, they can help you decide which numbers you will bet on. Since spins become more predictable, you will be able to tell where the ball will land next. You may not be able to predict the exact number and win with the Straight Up bet, though. Yet, you can identify a group of numbers under the dominant diamond and include them in your bets.

Options When Playing Roulette Online

There are a lot of challenges when it comes to advantage play at online Roulette. First of all, if you play RNG-operated Roulette games, all the methods mentioned above don’t mean a thing. When it comes to Roulette advantage play, it is all about taking advantage of the game’s physical equipment and it virtual variants don’t use it at all.

As for live dealer Roulette where you have a physical wheel and ball, you must bear in mind that this is modern equipment which is tested on a regular basis. Thanks to the software that can spot any anomaly in the equipment, operators will take actions that will prevent players from using the advantage play methods. Although there is still a chance of identifying a dealer signature, dealers are changed regularly, so you might not have enough time to detect it.

Instead of trying to beat the game with advantage play, we suggest you read our article on the best winning Roulette strategies and apply them to increase your odds.

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