Live Roulette Variations: What’s on Offer?

You love Roulette as much as we do, right? If Roulette is your casino game of choice, you must love to play its live version as it provides you with a realistic gaming experience which is the closest to the one you can enjoy at land-based casinos. We have already covered you with the key differences between online RNG-operated and Live Roulette. Now we want to go further and present you some of Live Roulette variations you can play online.

Speed Roulette

Just as its name says, Speed Roulette is a fast-paced game variant. With a short time of only 25 seconds between spins, this Live Roulette variation allows betting while the ball revolves around the wheel thus eliminating the so-called dead time between rounds. When compared with other Live Roulette tables on the market, Speed Roulette offers 50 extra rounds per hour. The time between spins at Speed Roulette tables can be a bit longer as well, 34 or 42 seconds, depending on the provider.

Just like other Roulette games hosted by live dealers, Speed Roulette can be played in real money mode only. When playing this version of the game, a player has to make decisions and place bets fast before the ball stops in one of the pockets. One of the providers offering Speed Roulette tables is Evolution Gaming. Their Speed Roulette tables accept bets starting at only $0.50 and going up to $10,000, which covers both casual and high rolling players. Other providers offering this game variant are Playtech and NetEnt.

 Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette is another popular game variation that will provide you with fast-paced action. Based on the European version of the game, Auto Roulette Live also has short breaks between rounds that can last 30 or 60 seconds. When compared to Speed Roulette, bets at Auto Roulette tables are placed during breaks between rounds. What makes Auto Roulette stand out from the crowd is that there is no live dealer hosting the game.

Depending on the provider offering this game variant, players can make use of different options including Call Bets, result history, Hot and Cold numbers, La Partage rule and so on. Auto Roulette is offered by most software providers including Evolution, NetEnt, Authentic and Extreme Live Gaming. Playtech is another provider offering this game under the name Slingshot Roulette. A betting range accepted by Auto Roulette tables is wide and goes all the way up to $20,000 allowing high rollers enjoy this fast version of the game. Some casinos offer VIP Auto Roulette tables as well.

Double Wheel Roulette

Double Wheel Roulette is the game variant that uses the rules of the American version of the game. Apart from two zero pockets, the table features two live wheels. Players can choose if they will place their bets on a single wheel or on both wheels. They have to make their decisions quickly within the given time. This version of the game pays 36:1 instead of 35:1 for a Straight up bet.

You can play Double Wheel Roulette at Authentic-powered live casinos. A betting range it supports is more suitable for casual players as it spreads between only $0.20 and $25 per round when playing Straight up bets. If you go for outside bets, you can wager as much as $500 per round.

Lucky Ball Roulette

This game variant offers players an opportunity to play side bets. Apart from a standard betting layout, Lucky Ball Roulette allows you to place four side bets – purple, orange, blue and green – that can pay up to 120:1. The optional bets add more excitement to the gameplay and provide you with a chance to hit bigger wins. Bonus payouts are awarded in case the number you placed a side bet on lands.

This highly popular game variant is available at Authentic-powered casinos only. It accepts wagers between $0.20 and $250.

Lightning Roulette

This game variation uses a standard European Roulette wheel with a single zero. It provides players with an extra chance of winning thanks to RNG-operated gameplay. Players make their wagers as usual, yet besides a chance to win if their number lands on the wheel operated by the croupier, they can win additional payouts thanks to RNG-generated Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts. After players have made their wagers, the amount of Lucky Numbers, the Lucky Numbers themselves and the amounts of the Lucky Payouts are generated at random. Each of the Lucky Numbers pays a Lucky Payout that can range between 50:1 and 500:1. To win it, you have to place a Straight Up bet on the randomly selected Lucky Number.

This unique Live Roulette variant is available at Evolution-powered casinos. A downside to it is that a regular Straight up bet pays only 30:1. A supported betting range is wide with bets starting at $0.20 only and going all the way up to $5,000.

Live Roulette Variants with Progressive Jackpots

A few gaming companies offer Live Roulette games with progressive jackpots. In these games, Live Roulette meets progressive slots to provide players with an opportunity to hit a massive win. Playtech is the first developer that has offered such a Roulette table. Live Age of the Gods Roulette comes with 4 progressive jackpots that increase with every bet placed on the slot games of the Age of the Gods series and the Roulette table in question. Besides regular bets, players can also place an Age of the Gods Bonus bet that pays up to 99:1. A progressive jackpot can be triggered at random on any spin. With a chip value ranging between $0.01 and $25, players can wager up to $1,000 when playing outside bets.