Live Roulette: Tips and Tricks

There are several games that are unstoppably growing and expanding in the online gambling industry right now, and live roulette is surely one of them. Through the magic of live streaming, high definition camerawork and professional dealer skills the game of roulette became available in real time to players at home. Apart from actual roulette experiences at land-based casino venues and virtual roulette versions governed by random number generators and choices of software designers, roulette fans can now enjoy various types of roulette in their live casino renditions. No matter how futuristic it may sound, live roulette is here and it is here to stay.

Live Roulette Basics

Every live roulette table comes with a real dealer – an actual person that you see on screen, and this person performs all the necessary actions at the table and above the wheel, just like in a land-based casino establishment. Live casino games, including roulette, are broadcasted from an authentic studio environment that you’ll find to be almost identical to the surroundings in a physical casino; on occasions, they’ll be streamed from real casino floors as well. The dealers are skilled professionals who happen to look gorgeous; they are usually pretty and friendly young women that you can interact with through the instant messages service integrated into the game’s interface. Sometimes, you can choose your dealer or choose the language you want the game to be in, depending on the provider and the location of the studio.

If you’re concerned about missing any of the critical moments in the session because you aren’t physically present and your eyes aren’t directly on the ball, you can be sure that you’ll witness every second of the wheel’s spin because there will be a bunch of cameras focusing on all the relevant points of the spin, from the second the dealer drops the ball to the moment it stops in one of the slots of the wheel. You’ll see close-ups and cameras working different angles to assure you everything is covered. It really the closest you can get to playing roulette in a proper casino while relaxing at home.

Useful Tips for Live Roulette

If you want to improve your game and you feel like you know what you’re getting into we recommend you read some of the helpful tips and know-hows we’ll be laying down for you in the following section.

  • Pick a Game Wisely – this is one of the fundamental decisions you can make and it will largely affect your live roulette experience. Just like it’s important to know which virtual version of roulette to choose, it’s just as relevant to pick the format carefully when playing live casino. You are required to know the difference between American and European Live Roulette before you commit to one type of the game.
  • Know the Odds – even if you don’t play any of the live roulette strategies you’ll find circling around the internet, it is vital that you know and understand the odds of each possible bet. Knowing the odds helps you find the easiest way to win and instructs you where to lay down your wager depending on how high your bankroll goes. In general, outside bets have lower odds, meaning they are more likely to come up. Inside bets have higher odds, and higher payouts. So choosing between betting on black or dozens or betting on specific numbers can really make a difference.
  • Don’t Increase Bets After Losses – you will lose occasionally, and that is a fact, because no matter how hard you try to push the advantage over the casino, roulette is a game of chance and luck may not be on your side always. The important thing is not to chase the losses and try to compensate what you’ve already lost. It doesn’t matter if ten previous spins have resulted in a win, each new spin is a completely isolated event, and doubling your bet has nothing to do what happened before. It only increases your chances of losing more. If you want to sustain play for a while, upping the bets is not a good idea as it could lead to draining your bankroll.
  • Don’t Overdo It With Outside Bets – it is a misconception that a game of roulette can be beaten with outside bets. This is not a consistent plan. Outside bets, in the long run, disable the possibility of beating the wheel because they are dispersed across the wheel. When it comes to consistency in winning, inside bets are a better option as they represent specific sectors of the wheel.
  • Make Sure You Know Your Goal – setting a goal beforehand is crucial for success in playing live roulette. Are you taking a seat at a roulette table to have fun and embrace the wins as a bonus? Or are you only in it for the money? If you are playing just for the wins, you can get greedy fast and it’s best to not even go along with it. Set the bar high if you want to, but as soon as you reach it, learn to walk away satisfied. Don’t ride the wave of glory because it will soon drop you down into deep, muddy waters of unrealistic expectations. Also, if you’re having a bad streak, quit for the day. Don’t force the game and leave the live casino section disappointed with your roulette results. It’s better to save your budget for another time.