Kavouras Roulette Strategy Explained

If you are not a beginner roulette player chances are you have heard about or even used one of the established roulette strategies. These roulette systems like the Romanosky or the Martingale have been written by experts to help you minimize your losses and increase your maximum payouts in conservative and methodical ways. However, the Kavouras roulette strategy throws all of that out of the window with its chaotic and thrilling betting system.

The Kavouras roulette strategy or the Kavouras bet is an innovative betting system designed in 2010 by a mysterious professional roulette player of the same name. It drastically differs from other classic roulette betting methods with its aggressive wagering style. It is a controversial strategy that promises low volatility and high payouts. Lets us take a closer look at the Kavouras Bet Strategy in this article and analyze its merits and drawbacks.kavouras bet strategy

What Is the Kavouras Roulette Strategy?

The Kavouras bet system is a method of roulette betting that abandons the traditional even-money bets such as red/black, even/odd, or high/low. It instead focuses on an ambitious and chaotic betting style that covers most of the board with random bets. This unpredictable betting system promises players profits on every victory with at least a $1 gain.

However, there is a method in Kavouras’ madness as this strategy aims to lessen roulette volatility. It does this by betting on 20 numbers that are strewn about the roulette board or wheel. These 20 numbers are in no particular order but they do cover specific high-paying spots.

Since there are 37 numbers in roulette Kavouras suggests betting on 20. This would cover over half of the spots with your bets seemingly making your victories more stable. Furthermore, the Kavouras bet states that not all numbers should have the same amount wagered on them so as to reduce the money you need to spend. Additionally, this is also so that your bets do not deliberately represent specific areas on the wheel, but are instead more random.

How Does the Kavouras Strategy Work?

Apart from its chaotic system which we are about to cover, the Kavouras bet always remains the same in the numbers you are covering. You need 8 chips for this bet in order to cover the 20 numbers. As we have mentioned, the value of these chips may and should vary. After all, not all of us have high roulette budgets to play with.

Furthermore, the placement of your chips should be as follows. You place 1 of your units on 0, 1, 2, and 3. This is your corner or basket bet that pays 8:1. Then, you place two units on 31-36 for a six-line bet that pays 5:1. Finally, you place 5 units on 8-11, 13-14, 15-18, 17-20, 27-30. This is the highest paying wager which pays 17:1. As per the standard roulette outcome, these three bets will profit you 1 unit, 4 units, and 10 units respectively.

As you can see, the numbers you bet on vary in the same way your chip value should vary. This makes it harder to sustain a stable betting progression, but it is also what makes the Kavouras bet fun and exciting. That being said, starting with the table minimum is always a good idea.

Advantages of the Kavouras Bet

The Kavouras roulette strategy is considered to be one of the best recent strategies in the casino world. Covering most of the numbers on the board means you are winning 20 ways and losing 17. This roughly means that you are winning 54% of the time. The 20/37 winning ratio goes a long way in beating the casino odds.

Additionally, you are not betting on the low-paying even-money bets. Instead, you are covering a lot of the higher-paying spots making this strategy quite profitable. To finish off, the 54% win ratio tells us that you are winning slightly more than you are losing. This combined with the easy-to-learn system of the Kavouras method makes this an excellent option for beginner roulette players.

Disadvantages of the Kavouras Bet

It is important to mention that while the odds of the Kavouras bet are good, the bet cannot be sustained for too long as the house edge of the casino takes its toll. Additionally, depending on your budget, betting on 20 spots can be wallet-draining in certain cases where your night is not going well.

Furthermore, when you lose an entire round like we just mentioned you are losing 8 units. Though this can be won back in most cases, the reality is that you will sometimes be only profiting from the double street bets with a yield of 4 units. Over the course of multiple rounds, it can sometimes be troublesome to keep up without increasing your chip value on the 20 spots.

Closing Remarks

All in all, every roulette strategy has its pros and cons when it comes to prolonged play. The difference between regular roulette strategies and this one is that the Kavouras bet is much more entertaining. While players are limited to betting on 20 numbers with 8 chips, they have complete freedom as to the value of their chips. The chaotic nature of the Kavouras roulette strategy is that each game will be different as you customize your chip value.

Just remember that even though the Kavouras bet promises lower variance, cases of higher volatility can still happen. The actual benefit of the Kavouras roulette strategy is its diverse and exciting betting style. Whether you are playing in a land-based or live online roulette, it is a great way to change up your game once in a while and keep things fresh.