How to Improve Your Odds in Casino Roulette

You need to be stay realistic and logical about the low winning chances and long odds on this well known game of chance. Always approach with a sober realization that, roulette with house edge of 5.3 percent is among the riskiest bets in a casino. In spite of the odds, you can still apply some simple strategies to enjoy the excitement of the spin and stretch your roulette bankroll. I’ll explain a few tips that may help you to improve your odds of winning. Roulette is simply a drain on the bankroll simply because it does not pay what the bets are actually worth. With thirty-eight numbers (0, 00, and1 to 36 ), the true odds of luckily hitting one number on the straight-up bet are 37 to 1, however, the house pays you only 35 to 1. That discrepancy is where a casino gets its huge profitable and advantage in roulette.

Strategy is important if you want to improve your odds of winning. In your first roulette game, all players sprinkling the whole layout with their chips and may look as if they are heaping pepperoni and sausages slices on a pizza. You are allowed to make many different bets if you stay within the game’s maximum limits. Accordingly, only a few players make just a single bet at a time.

Naturally, the more bets you have, the more challenging and complicated it is to follow all the actions. There are two possible approaches to simplify matters:

  • Stick with the table minimum and always play entirely in the outside bets. For instance, bet on either black or red for each spin. This kind of outside bet pays one to one and covers eighteen of the thirty-eight possible combinations.
  • Place a couple of bets with equal amounts in two outside bets: one bet on a dozen or column that pays two to one and the other on an even-money play. For instance, place one bet on red and one bet at Column Three, with eight black numbers. This will ensure, you have twenty-six numbers to hit, four of which are covered twice. You may also make a bet on black and try to pair it with a bet at Column Two, with eight red numbers. Once again, you cover twenty-six numbers and four of them have a couple of ways to win. Pairing a single bet on either black or red with Column One covers twenty-four numbers, and six numbers have a couple of ways of winning. Dispersing bets like this will not make you a millionaire, but it does keep the game interesting.

If by chance you join a single-zero European wheel, in this variant you may significantly improve your odds: The house advantage is half of the American wheel roulette – about 2.63 percent. You may find an European wheel game at some of the posh Las Vegas casinos, such Bellagio, Caesars Palace, or Mirage. If you cannot find one on the casino floor, it is perhaps tucked away inside the high-limit section next to the baccarat tables, so you should ask around.

Because casinos usually set aside the European wheel for bigger bettors, you are likely to get a higher table minimum, say $30. However, as the house edge is only half that of the double-zero wheel; the European wheel is a safer roulette game to play for high rollers.

Your odds of winning get even higher if the house offers an advantageous regulation called en prison. Occasionally available on the European wheel, it lowers the house advantage even further to an attractive 1.35 percent and it also applies to even-money bets. For instance, say you have a $25 bet riding on red. If your ball lands on zero, it means your even-money bet does not win or lose but will be locked up for another spin. If the ball lands on red on the next spin, the house gives your original $25 bet back, but you won’t win anything. But, if the ball lands on black, you lose.