How to Avoid Roulette Strategies That Don’t Work

Roulette is a game of pure chance – and in this kind of games, everybody is mostly at the mercy of fortunes and fates. Although you may follow some simple methods to improve your odds and stretch your money, no magic rules can turn someone into a consistent champ at roulette. Avoid falling into the following traps.

Grounding your plays on history

Every spin of the roulette wheel is entirely independent, or unrelated, with the past, so do not let previous numbers affect you. Many roulette tables use a lighted scoreboard that shows numbers that have came up over the past 20 rolls in a couple of columns: black and red. Unfortunately, players who attempt to speculate what color and number will come up next by basing on history are making useless effort. That information means absolutely nothing. A roulette wheel has no brain and memory, and, although streaks of black or red for seven or eight spins may occur, those streaks are not clues of the next result.

Blaming on the wheel bias

You shouldn’t try to find the wheel bias – the house beats you to it. A casino regularly checks and balances and then rechecks the wheel for any potential favoritism to certain color or numbers.
Occasionally a wheel becomes biased due to the mechanical wear and tear; it may result in a non-random play. After all, the roulette wheel consists of wood and metal. And certainly, after a hundred thousands spins each month, these repeating activities may cause the wheel to wear out in certain mechanical spots. That’s why casinos scrutinize roulette wheels routinely and observe the results statistically with specialized software.

Buying into a betting system

The roulette table draws in a large number of players trying to apply certain betting system. The most obvious progressive betting system used is the Martingale system, it tells you to double your bet after a loss. Another popular system is the Reverse Martingale, it tells you to subtract your bet in half after a win. It is not recommended to use a progressive betting system, since a streak of five or six bad spins will cripple your bankroll in just 15 minutes. In spite of the fact that many the systems are currently for sale and promised to make you rich, no magic bullet can assist you to beat an unintelligent roulette wheel. Books and methods on roulette systems are frauds to separate you quickly from your hard-earned cash. Why does a gambler want to share his amazing super-secret magical strategy with a stranger like you? If you have written such a system, wouldn’t you choose to just make a huge quick fortune, purchase a small kingdom, and retire? So watch for those roulette gurus. They make money only by selling nonsensical books, not by divulging a systematically winning roulette system.