Different Roulette Systems

Roulette is considered as the earliest casino game ever created. The wheel used in roulette is round with thirty-eight separately numbered colored pockets in which a rotating ball will land. The numbers change alternately between red and red; the first colored number in roulette wheel is red one, while the first two numbers are 0 and 00. If a roulette player bets on a number in roulette wheel, he is paid 35 to 1. It means that the house has the advantage of two out of every thirty-eight spins. It means in roulette, like any other casino games, a player must rely on both strategy and luck

Black and Red System

This system is an easy game of colors. Because half of the numbers are black, and the other half of the numbers are red (subtracted by 0 of 00 for the casino advantage) a bet on black or red number has a fifty percent chance of winning the game. If you are able to correctly pick the right color in every other spin, you should break even, subtracted by two spins in every thirty-eight spins (for 0, 00).

When playing in this system, you bet on one color. If you win in a spin, take your winning and you can leave the original bet for your next spin. (It is a good idea to begin with $1, if you want to play for many spins and want to win some money. You may bet more such as $10, if you can currently afford it). If you lose in a spin, double your bet in the next spin. If you consistently lose you may want to continue doubling the bet, or quit and accept the loss. Just relax for awhile and then start over again by joining a new game, as long as you win, grab your winnings and always leave your original bet in the next spin.

Remember that you consistently have equal odds in every spin even if a color has a possibility to come up 100 times in a row.

Five Numbers System

This is a risky system with a big payoff. You need to choose 5 numbers and bet on them. Five number system uses straight-up inside bet. If a player wins, he will earn 35 times the betting amount. So if a player bets using a chip and win, he will gain 35 more chips. But it is not over yet. A player needs to win one more spin. Once he wins, he chooses again five numbers, however this time he uses 7 chips on every number to use up all the 35 chips he has won. If he wins, he will get 7 times 35, or 245 chips. If every chip worth $1, then he gets $245.

However, before you begin using this five numbers system, be sure to prepare at least $40, which is adequate for 8 tries using $1 chips.

Odd or Even System

This is essentially the same as the black and red system, on a roulette wheel; numbers 1 through 36 are organized in 3 columns. On the left of the 1st column (if we assume a top view), you have a couple of boxes. One is labeled “Odd” and the other is labeled “Even.” To make an odd-even bet in roulette, you should place the chips in the middle of one of these two boxes.

If you bet correctly, this system pays out 1 to 1. If you are playing American roulette, the wheel includes a double zero and the odds of winning are 47.38%. The casino has an edge of 5.27%. If you are playing in European variant, the roulette wheel does not use a double zero. The odds increase slightly to 48.686% and the casino edge drops to 2.64%.

1-to-18 and 19-to-36 System

This system pays 1 to 1 just like on odd-even and color bets. Even so, it is a one time, win or lose betting system. It uses a total of either 1 or 2 bets, per time. It is best to observe the game until you see the ball has landed on 0 or 00. Then, after say 4 straight spins that the ball lands on 0 or 00; place a bigger bet on the half of the numbers that hasn’t come up at the last 5 spins. If a player wins, he will get a big money prize; if he loses, he can do one of these two things: stop and watch for other chances to come up, or he can place an equal bet plus $1. If he loses again, he needs to accept the loss, relax and wait for the next opportunity.

Betting the Rows System

This system has a 2-to-1 layout and pays just that. It is just like playing colors. A player places one bet on a row of the three rows and if he wins, everyone leaves the original bet and grabs the winnings. If he loses, he should place one bet of equal amount. If he wins, he should do the same thing again and a winning will make up for the earlier losses plus some extra cash. If he loses a third time, he needs to double his bet. He can do that as many times as he likes, although the bets will grow very high if the bets are doubled each time.