7 Best Tips When Playing Roulette

7 Best Tips When Playing RouletteRoulette is a wonderful game that can be very enjoyable. However, if you want to improve your odds of winning, or at the very best decrease your odds of losing, then follow the 7 tips outlined here. Every professional roulette player can tell you they are important and will help you long term. Unfortunately, new roulette players frequently fall prey to some of the “bad tips” out there and believe they can beat the game. There is no way to beat the game of roulette because it is nothing more than a game of luck. All you can do is be smart and remember it is a game, after all. Also, be sure to read the rules at the casino and table where you are playing. It’s not uncommon for different rules to apply in different casinos and even at different tables so always pay attention.

Tip #1 Don’t Count on Any System

Search the Internet for roulette tips and you will likely find plenty of links to various “systems” that are “guaranteed” to work. The first tip you should follow is not to follow any roulette system. Of course, when you see various systems or books that will help you play better and win more at roulette you may think it’s worth a try. Don’t let their marketing schemes and tactics con you into buying their so called system. There is absolutely no mathematical formula on earth that can predict what number or color will appear next, or even how frequently, on the roulette wheel. Roulette is a game of chance and luck so there is no reason to spend your hard earned money on a so called system that can’t improve your odds of winning at all. Remember, every spin of the wheel resets the odds so any color or number has the same odds each time regardless if the ball landed on that number/color before. Take the money you would spend on a roulette system and bet it instead. That’s the only chance you have of winning with a so called roulette system!

Tip #2 Bet Consistently

The second tip is to bet consistently. New roulette players frequently bet all over the table and choose a bet based on whatever looks good to them at the time. Keep in mind that each spin of the wheel resets the odds so if you bet consistently rather than all over the table you have a better chance of winning. Come up with a betting system that works for you based on bets you predetermine to be the best for winning. Of course, you can’t know where the ball is going to land however if you bet on black or red consistently with a corresponding column bet then you increase your odds of winning. A black bet covers the 18 black numbers and a column bet covers the numbers in that column. The best column to bet is column 3 at #36 to have eight red numbers included in the bet. For the best odds when betting on red bet column 2 at # 35 to have the most black numbers included in the bet.

Tip #3 Play European Roulette

When playing roulette the best tip to follow, if possible, is to always play European roulette. There is one less number on the wheel, so the odds of winning are increased. Many American casinos don’t have European roulette wheels, but demand is growing and more casinos are offering European roulette. The house edge on American roulette wheels is 5.26% and for European roulette wheels only 2.70%. That’s the main reason for playing European roulette!

Tip #4 Start with Even Money Bets

The idea of hitting a single number and winning the 35/1 payout seems tempting; however your odds of this happening are very low. It makes more sense to play even money bets to increase your chances of winning. You win less money on each payout, but have a better chance of multiple wins and improving your money standing. That means you can continue to play and have fun. Good even money bets to try are low and high bets or red and black bets.

Tip #5 Manage Your Money

One of the most difficult things to do when playing roulette, or any other casino game, is to manage your money. Don’t bet all of your money on one bet, no matter how much you “know” you are going to win the big money. Set limits on how much you can place on each bet and how much money you are willing to lose. This will allow your money to go further so you can have more fun and play longer. One money managing tip you might think of including, too, is increasing your bets when you are on a winning streak and decreasing them when losing.

Tip #6 Have Fun

More than likely, you are playing roulette to have fun and hoping to hit it big. Keep this in mind while you are playing and that whether you win or lose it’s all about having fun and if you win a big bankroll even better!

Tip #7 Keep Emotions in Check

When money is involved, even if it’s for fun, it’s hard to keep your emotions in check. That goes for when you are winning big and when you are losing big, too. Players who are on a winning streak can allow their emotions to decide how much they bet rather than their brains. This is the fastest way to lose those big winnings. The same goes for players on losing streaks. Don’t get upset or angry when you lose. Instead, make smart decisions when you bet and consider each new spin of the wheel is a brand new start.