The search for good roulette betting systems never ends, and bettors tend to get extremely creative. Recently, we came across a new roulette strategy centered around a near-90% win rate. As you can tell, the idea is to build up a ‘safe’ bankroll though repeatedly placing the same bets.

This winning roulette strategy is based on covering almost all options on the bet table. In European roulette, it leaves only 3 ways to lose. This should already sound interesting to beginners, but it also highlights the downsides of the tactic. Namely, it’s not exactly great for huge profits.

How the 24+8 Roulette Strategy Works

The basic premise of the strategy sounds a lot like the Romanosky. By that, we mean that the idea is to cover as much of the bet table as possible. This minimizes risks, but inherently also decreases profit margins. It also shares the ‘one fatal flaw’. If you lose with this system, you’ll lose big. The chances for that are small, but you’ll need to be sure to win enough to cover the costs.

If the above sounds like something you want to try, let’s get into the specifics. To play this strategy, you’ll want to divide your stake into 30 equal units. This requires a hefty bankroll or a very small minimum bet. If you play roulette online, you may be able to find tables with bets as low as $0.10. In either cases, you’ll want to stick with European roulette. This is good advice in any case, but American roulette can be especially harmful to this strategy. It essentially increases your chances of losing by 25%. Considering how bad a single loss here can be, that’s not a risk you want to take on.

The first roulette bets you want to place for this strategy are 10 units each on two Dozen bets. These can be any of the three available, but we’ll use the first and third for our example.

Next, you’ll want to place 10 straight-up bets on 10 numbers of the remaining 12. In other words, only two numbers on the table should remain uncovered. Ideally, these would be of the same color – say, 16 and 19. These two numbers are the only way for you to lose a round with this strategy, save for the zero. That’s also why you should avoid American roulette. Two ‘zero’ fields increase the odds of failure substantially.

Payouts and Advantages

So how does the 24+8 roulette strategy pay out? Well, your goal is to hit any of the straight-up bets you made. The standard returns there are 36:1. Considering you wagered 30 units, that means you’ll have a profit of 6 units. The chances of landing such a result are just under 30%, which should give a slow but steady trickle of profits.

However, if the ball lands in one of the two thirds of the wheel where you placed Dozen bets, you’ll push. In other words, your full 30-unit stake will be returned to you thanks to the 3:1 payout on Dozen bets. These won’t contribute to your profits, but they offer a chance to push of almost 65%. In other words, they’re for added safety.

One of the advantages of this bet is that it’s rather versatile. It can be changed and molded to fit other needs and roulette strategies. For example, you can pick whichever two dozen outside bets you want. Within the third group, you can also pick and choose which numbers to leave uncovered. This can be used, for example, to chase hot numbers or stay away from cold ones. While we can’t argue for the practice of chasing hot numbers, players who wish to do so still have the option.


One thing to understand about even the best roulette strategies is that this is a game of chance. In other words, no matter how thought-out your plays are, there’s always a chance to lose. For this strategy, it’s around 9%, and losing means your full 30-unit stake is gone. It would take 5 wins to make up for those losses. Considering most spins in this top roulette strategy end up pushing, that’s a lot to cover. On the bright side, it’s easy to keep track despite the many different bets. You have just 3 losing numbers.

That said, you can use other roulette tips and tricks to win. For example, some players combine this strategy with the Martingale. Essentially, just double the stake whenever you lose. This will allow you to make up losses much more quickly. The low risk of losing also dampens the bad sides of Martingale. Still, it requires a substantial bankroll to make work because the stakes are high to begin with. Moreover, just two consecutive losses can spell disaster for your funds.

The last important piece of roulette advice we can give is as old as the game itself – know when to pull out. The chances of loss are small, but you’re pushing your luck with each spin. Ideally, you’ll want to collect some winnings and back off before you ever get a single losing result.

That pretty much covers the 24+8 roulette betting strategy. If you want more tips on how to win roulette, you can refer to the strategy section of this website. Good luck!