Live Roulette Online

Live Roulette OnlineA lot of casino enthusiasts enjoy the well-known casino game which is known as the roulette. It’s not that shocking to know that this casino game is popularly referred to as the ‘king of casino games’. There wouldn’t be a single casino fan who has not tried playing this game. This is known to be among the French Mathematician, Blaise Pascal’s greatest contributions apart from the Pascal law. This game now monopolizes the casino world. There are very long lines of thrilled gamblers at land based casinos’ roulette table.

However, it’s sad to say that the conventional way of playing the game couldn’t accommodate all those who want to play because of time and space constraints. Laws of different countries used to regulate this game strictly since the industry was then known as a social taboo. However, live casino roulette online has now altered the gambling norms. With the help of the web, you can now access virtual games from the comfort of your own home and play some of your favourite table games against real dealers online. The introduction of live dealer casino gaming have transformed the traditional online gaming experience to one that feels like a real a brick-and-mortar casino as if you were there in person.

Best Live Roulette Online Casinos

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Live Roulette variants and payout odds

Live Roulette Online

Most of the platforms that you can find online utilises random number generators as their dealers, however, the world’s best casino sites have gone further. There is now a real croupier who does the spinning the wheel and this has already replaced the virtual machine that every site was using back then. If you plan to play live roulette online, you should be aware with the game’s strategies ad versions and you should also take note of the terms being used when playing it.

The European and American are two of the most well-known versions of this game. The European version only has thirty-seven numbers while the American version has an added zero which makes it a thirty-eight numbered game. The extra zero has also affected the house edge, which is double in the American version – 5.4% as opposed to 2.7% in the European Variant.

The online replica of the casino game also has the same figures this is why the European version is always preferred to be a great start for newbies. In order for you to win, it will be necessary for you to have adequate information about the game.

Other popular Live Roulette variations found online

Live Roulette tables can come in many different forms, including Auto Roulette, Speed Tables, Double Ball, Double Wheel, and Native Roulette Tables. Apart from being streamed from the developer's international studios, some online casinos offer land-based Roulette streams, providing their players with the opportunity to play at actual gambling resorts, shoulder to shoulder with the casino guests.

Auto Roulette is extremely popular with the players who prefer to focus on the game and avoid all outside distractions. Since this version eliminates the need for a dealer, one can expect a smooth and silent Roulette session, with the bouncing of the ball as the only background noise. Auto wheels are self-operated and can be streamed from either a provider's studio or the isolated booths in land-based casinos.

With Speed Roulette tables, players will have the advantage of more dynamic gameplay that offers a higher number of bets per session. In most cases, the betting time is limited to 18 or 55 seconds, which pretty much means that you will need to make fast decisions.

Double Ball is pretty self-explanatory, although this is not the version that you can come across very often. The same can be said for the Double Wheel roulette, where the players can bet on two wheels at the same time. The second Wheel is optional and the players can disregard it altogether.

Native Roulette Tables

Native Roulette Tables target specific demographics, providing a much more customized experience to the players. The dealers speak Swedish, German, Russian, Finish, Danish... Native tables are a great way to attract players from different locations and some Live Table providers offer native speaker sourcing services, depending on the operators' need and target markets.

Chatting with a dealer in your own language is not the only perk of Native Tables. The croupiers are very talkative, the experience is extremely immersive, and the studio background beautifully designed, usually portraying the most attractive sites of the relevant country's capital city.

Roulette Strategies and Tips

Roulette is a game of chance, but there are still some strategies that can help with managing your budget and increase your odds of leaving the table as a winner.

Martingale system is the simplest and the most popular budget management technique, usually employed by new Roulette players. Those who decide to use this system will need to double the stake after a loss, thus recovering their balance. Another version of the Martingale strategy is the Grand Martingale, where the players need to double the bet and top their stake with the original stake amount.

Alternatively, one can use the James Bond Strategy and place multiple bets at the same time. This will, of course, require a higher budget, which is why a lot of players tend to stick with the most frequently winning bets: Low/High, Odd/Even, and Red/Black.

How to choose the best Live Roulette table?

Trying to enter the casino world without enough information can make you lose a lot of money. You can find a lot of websites that contain reliable info that you may use. If you wish to find a reliable online casino, it will really help a lot if you search and read on some reviews made by experts. The reviews they make usually contain comparisons of the customer support, visual appearance, payment methods, variety of games and the added features of the site. Since the game is really easy to understand, it would be ideal for newbies to try.

You really don’t need a lot of skills in order for you to play roulette. However, there are tips and techniques that you need to learn in order for you to win. There are live roulette online guides that you can read on in order for you to improve your game. Browsing on some casino websites will really help a lot.

Once you are confident enough with your Roulette skills, the only thing left for you to do is to browse the online offer and select the Roulette versions that best fit your needs. The live dealer website Live Casinos offers many live roulette options such as different game and language versions, as well as different streaming locations from around the world.